Tis’ the Season to Remember our Loved Ones: Those Still With Us & Those Who Are Not…


I am posting an email I received about the family of one of my daughter’s coworkers. Please be safe this holiday season.

Tis’ the Season to Remember our Loved Ones:

those still with us and those who are not…

Last week on December 14, Channel 11 did a story about Drunk Drivers on the Tollway.

Also highlighted was the Kick-off of the PSA (Public Service Announcement) for “Think before You Drink & Drive” Campaign.

The story shows just a clip of the PSA, so I have posted the entire 30 second spot on YouTube.  Below are the links to the story and more importantly the link to the PSA itself.

A Gift for Trevor, Kara, Carl and The Clouets would be to forward this message on so that maybe a life will be spared by someone making a conscious effort to make the right decision when drinking.
PSA on YouTube:


Story on Channel 11:


Please forward this Public Service Announcement on to remind people of the devastation Drinking and Driving can cause.

We miss you Trev.

Have a Safe and Blessed Holiday,

Kristin & Kevin Schor

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