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My Husband Doesn’t Want Me to Be a Firefighter
Trainee firefighter helmet

I always dreamed of helping people, but I put it all on hold to raise my kids. Now that I’ve found my calling, I’m facing upheaval at home. Read the rest of this “as told to” essay here.

The Writer Magazine

Firing up fiction – Donald Maass

Like a rolling stone – Meryl Moss

The Big Thrill

Prolific thriller author Jon Land gets real about mentorship, storytelling, and staying relevant in the current publishing climate.

Read the article here.

Don’t Go It Alone – An Introvert’s Guide to Building a Writing Community (March 2017 Issue) 

And if you’re looking for a unique way to write your novel and bring your characters to life, my article about Lisa Cron and her Story Genius guide is for you.

They say writing can be a very lonely job. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out an introvert’s guide to building your writing community!

The Genius Behind Story Genius – Ten Writing Insights From Brain Science Guru Lisa Cron – August 2017 Issue

The Writer March 2017

Tech Help: Thirty-Five Tech Products to Revolutionize Your Writing – November 2017 Issue

Should a Writer Ever Write for Free? – January 2018 Issue

The Art of Visualization – February 2018 Issue

C’mon, Get Appy – Fifteen Mobile Apps for Writers on the Go – March 2018 Issue

Your Teen Magazine

I’m Pregnant

17 Years and 27 Days  (Written as Emily Lane)

The 2016 Dallas Golden Gloves: Our Club’s Visit to the Twilight Zone

Women Writers Women[‘s] Books

Deciding What to Write

The Successful Failure – My Oxymoronic Publishing Journey

Texas Lifestyle Magazine

Spring Fun at Perot Museum

Bulla Gastrobar – Casual Luxury

Henry’s Majestic: Upscale Dishes With Casual Comfort

This Fantastical Summer Musical Takes You Into the Woods