Life Before – A Novel


Magical realism zaps readers back in time in this edgy upmarket historical women’s fiction, seductively twisting past and present. Two women separated by a century discover they’ve shared a soul and struggle to rescue victims of Dallas’s dangerous sex trade in 1907.

Recent empty-nester Elaine Dearborn suddenly finds herself experiencing life as Eliza Darling, a reformed prostitute in 1907 Dallas, who is determined to shut down the sex trade that has taken so many young lives.

Elaine’s life in the present becomes more and more intertwined with Eliza’s crusade one-hundred years earlier, and Elaine is tormented by the very real possibility that she’s losing her mind. That is, until she learns the truth about her past, and what it will mean for her future.

As is true today, the sexual slavery business in the early-twentieth-century was alive and well, deplorably exploiting the young and vulnerable, but hidden within plain sight. Although the characters in this novel are fictional, The Virginia K. Johnson Home & Training Center for Women was a real institution in Dallas, devoted to giving young prostitutes a way out.

Life Before is a book about personal strength and redemption – with a twist!

Click here to buy and immerse yourself in this unusual time-warping tale of reincarnation, social justice, and forgiveness.

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