About K.L.Romo

Life Story in a Nutshell

My story is as follows:  I married my high school sweetheart at the ripe age of 18 (which is before the age of reason, but it worked out anyway).  I was supposed to grow up to be a well-educated, social-working author who would be saving the world by the age of 25.  Instead, life took over, and …….. we had five children, who are now ages 13 to 31, and have 14 grandchildren.

I’ve spent most of my time over the last 30 years raising kids and working to put food on the table.  Not to knock raising kids – not in the least.  That’s totally, positively, absolutely the most important job out there. Period.  And of course, putting food on the table was, and still is, pretty high on the priority list.

Instead of going to a university, I attended the much underrated School of Hard Knocks and learned a lot!  Then when I was 28 I decided that even though I couldn’t be working in the field as a social worker (missed that boat), I could damn well get started on my writing career (well, whenever the kids were asleep, which wasn’t very often).

Being A Writer

My first novel was about three female friends, with the central theme being a woman’s struggle to overcome the frustration and drudgery that sometimes comes with being a wife and mother.  (When I wrote the first line I’d just put one of the kids to bed crying, and had the incessant wailing in the background as my motivational anthem).   Well, the novel took me three years to write and was a total bust – I had quite a lot to learn.

After that book was appropriately cremated, then buried, I started my new “destined-to-be-Pulitzer-prize-winning” bestseller.  It was a tough road;  I struggled through two more kids, and a myriad of kid-problems.    Again, learned a lot.  The novel was put on hold more times than I could count.  But I finally made it through, and after ten years, finished  IS HARVEY DUNNE?.

I wrote this outstanding masterpiece for Harvey Dunne, and all those like him, who can’t find comfort in their own skin, in a world where the word NORMAL carries too much importance. 

IS HARVEY DUNNE? was self-published and is currently available on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle versions.

Current Project:

I’ve just finished the manuscript of THE MAMADIVA CHRONICLES, a novel in which devoted wife and mother Elaine Dearborn wonders  what it’s like to escape into someone else’s life for just a bit.  What if….????    If it sounds like fun, stay tuned.

Blog- You Don’t Say…

I post about random issues.  Some are funny, some are sad, some are painful.  Most are about kids and family. 

Contact Info:

If you’d like to send me a line, I’d love to hear from you.  Please contact me at kirsche.romo@att.net.

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  1. Darrelyn Saloom

    Ha! Boy can I relate to your post. And obviously humor sustained you through it all. It is a tough road and a good sense of humor is required.

    Good luck in your ventures. And thanks for re-tweeting my blog post for Jane Friedman. I’m so glad you did because I discovered your blog.