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Life Story in a Nutshell

My story is as follows:  Married with kids. Need I say more? 

Being A Writer

Current Manuscript:

The year is 1907 and Eliza Darling has escaped life as a prostitute in the town of Dallas, Texas. Into that daunting existence plunges Elaine Dearborn, a woman from the 21st century, who discovers she can dive into a past life after the words What If I Were Someone Else appear on her computer screen.

Elaine finds she has the ability to see through the eyes of her previous incarnation Eliza, who is determined to seek justice for other women forced to sell their bodies. Horrified that these women have survived the terror of kidnapping and physical brutality, Eliza becomes a leader in the reform movement. Her life intertwines with other women and men who share her dedication, and along the way, they confront those who are violently opposed to change.

As Elaine becomes immersed in Eliza’s life, the 21th century woman realizes she can easily transport herself to her past life and return at will. She seeks out a psychic healer, who reveals that Elaine’s embodiment as Eliza is only one of many prior lives.

I’m currently querying for an agent.

Blog- The View From Here

I post about random issues.  Some are funny, some are sad, some are painful.  Most are about kids, family, and writing. 

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If you’d like to send me a line, I’d love to hear from you.  Please contact me at kirsche.romo@att.net.

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  1. Ha! Boy can I relate to your post. And obviously humor sustained you through it all. It is a tough road and a good sense of humor is required.

    Good luck in your ventures. And thanks for re-tweeting my blog post for Jane Friedman. I’m so glad you did because I discovered your blog.


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