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The Writer Magazine

They say writing can be a very lonely job. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out an introvert’s guide to building your writing community!The Writer March 2017

Don’t Go It Alone – An Introvert’s Guide to Building a Writing Community (March 2017 Issue) 

And if you’re looking for a unique way to write your novel and bring your characters to life, my article about Lisa Cron and her Story Genius guide is for you.

The Genius Behind Story Genius – Ten Writing Insights From Brain Science Guru Lisa Cron – August 2017 Issue

Tech Help: Thirty-Five Tech Products to Revolutionize Your Writing – November 2017 Issue

Should a Writer Ever Write for Free? – January 2018 Issue

The Art of Visualization – February 2018 Issue

C’mon, Get Appy – Fifteen Mobile Apps for Writers on the Go – March 2018 Issue

Your Teen Magazine

I’m Pregnant

17 Years and 27 Days  (Written as Emily Lane)

The 2016 Dallas Golden Gloves: Our Club’s Visit to the Twilight Zone

Women Writers Women[‘s] Books

Deciding What to Write

The Successful Failure – My Oxymoronic Publishing Journey

Texas Lifestyle Magazine

Spring Fun at Perot Museum

Bulla Gastrobar – Casual Luxury

Henry’s Majestic: Upscale Dishes With Casual Comfort

This Fantastical Summer Musical Takes You Into the Woods