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  1. Dear K L Romo,

    By way of introduction I found you via Twitter. My contact on Twitter is @LeslieWPGarland. I am seeking reviews – particularly Amazon reviews, though all are welcome! – for my book The Red Grouse Tales; The Little Dog and other stories. and as you describe yourself as a ‘book reviewer’ I’m wondering if you might be interested in reading and reviewing it.

    To the blurb:-

    Told in The Red Grouse Inn, the universal appeal of these four charming, very different, adult, speculative, spiritual and philosophical tales will intrigue and entertain. With beautiful and atmospheric imagery, surreal and paranormal concepts of angels, ghosts and devils, they will have you guessing, turning the pages and looking forward to the next one.

    The Little Dog, a story of good and evil and retribution. Very much a coming of age story and told in the manner of all the stories in our lives, namely that we have no idea that we are ‘living in a story’ until suddenly all seems to click together. A young forester partnered with an objectionable workmate, finds a little dog way out in a remote part of the forest. What is such a cute little dog doing there? Bill, the teller of this tale, becomes a bit attached to it and looks forward to seeing it every day sitting beside the haul road. Then one day the little dog is no longer there and Bill starts to learn some dreadful truths.

    The Crow, a sad, poignant story of misunderstanding, bitterness and blame. Another coming of age story but on a very different theme; that of human vanity. A young boy is taken by his mother to visit a dying and embittered old Irish priest, Mad Father Patrick, who recounts the school days and subsequent rise of a local councillor and of his involvement in the construction of a dam which flooded a valley. As the tale progresses it becomes increasingly bizarre, indeed, mad, and we finally learn why the old priest so bitter.

    The Golden Tup, a dreadful tale of a young couple’s paradise being cruelly taken from them by latent evil. Can evil be in a place? A slow burning horror story; this one opens with the appalling news that a nice young couple, who had bought an old derelict farm and made it into their ‘dream home,’ had killed their own baby. How could they have done such a dreadful thing? The story, told predominantly in flash-back and with references to Milton’s Paradise Lost, charts their lives and how this horrific act came to pass.

    The White Hart, a happy ghost story, if there can be such a thing! A tale of redemption told by a likeable male chauvinist, Pete, who recounts his meeting with an albino doe while out in the forest on a jog, his subsequent meeting with an enigmatic and beautiful girl at a remote chapel who tells him the sad story of the daughter of the family which built it, and a third incident …..

    I usually say my stories are for adult readers because they are not ‘all action’ from page 1, and may contain some minor mention of sex and a tiny bit of bad language. However, I suspect they are very possibly suitable for a NA and even a YA readership.

    Links: , , Goodreads , Bookbub , Twitter , Facebook , and my website

    Page count is 370 pages.
    The book is written in UK English.

    If these tales interest you and you are prepared to review them and post your review in timely manner (sorry, but I don’t want this just being added to a one mile long TBR list!) on, particularly Amazon, though all others are welcome, I will be happy to supply you with a free PDF, mobi or epub file.

    Hoping that my book appeals, that you will be interested in reading and reviewing it and so looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Leslie Garland.

    As sometimes pasting into contact pages or DMs results in links loosing their ‘activity’ herewith is my Goodreads link from which most others can be found

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