Today is a Special Day

Well, I have to tell you that today is a very momentous occasion.  Remember I said that I’d been married 500 years (since I was about 10)?  Well, today I’ve been married 501.  Yep, it’s my anniversary.  Being married five centuries to the same man has had its share of frustrations.  But the wonderfulness of it outweighs those.  It occurred to me this  morning that I’ve been married 61% of my entire life.  WOW!  Now that hits home.  (I was just a baby when we tied the knot!)  So, I have to say, “Thanks Honey, for sticking with me (I know you’ve had challenging moments of your own).  And looking forward to the next 500!” 

PS – I’ll have more commentary on some of the challenges we’ve seen along the way later.

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