Thank You AMCV!

I also want to thank a fellow author who posts his writing on AuthorNation – A Man Called Valance (AMCV – he loves Westerns!).  He has continually read my posts (from The Cuckoo’s Cry – chapter by chapter).  And he has consistently given me enouragement.  Can’t tell you how much this means, AMCV!  Thanks again!

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  1. Got it! I’ve ordered a few more books, so I’ll send as soon as I get it. How cool – my book will now be in the UK!! (Thanks again, Gerard, for your support, and thanks for the comment on your blog – loved it!) :o)

  2. Hi Gerard – glad you’re doing well, and I do like your blog. Thanks for the welcome to mosey on in. And I will! How often do you post? You are definitely a character with class – your western metaphors are great! Thanks for reading my blog – hopefully you’ll drop in again soon. I will also have a column in a new Indie author mag called The Indie Times at – column is Type & Hype, so please drop by and chat. I believe the mag is live on Jan 15. Progress is V E R Y S L O W, but, as you said, still progress. On another note, probably good you roll your own cigarettes – they are ridiculously expensive in the US – apparently most of the health problems in the country are being blamed on them, so we have to pay the price. :o( Oh, you forgot to include your address for your copy of the book. Will get that to you ASAP (but will need to order more copies first). Take care, and I hope you have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

  3. Hello Kirsche. It’s been a while. You, and your story, came to mind yesterday, so I did some internet browsing. I read and liked ‘Like Brother, Like Brother,’ but here seemed as good a place as any to let you know I’d dropped by. I like the new title. It questions whether Harvey Dunne is the person he seems to be. It’s clever, but I liked The Cuckoo’s Cry, too. I though it the perfect title. No matter, it’s the story that counts, and the power of words within makes it a compelling read. I’m happy you’ve made some progress. If you’ve had to deviate from your intended route then so be it, if it helps open the pages to the audience it deserves. It’s a wonderful story. And sure, I’d be delighted to have a copy, especially a signed one. As for me, I’m still rolling my own cigarettes, and following my own star. Authornation was a disillusioned drink in the last chance saloon. The only writing I do these days is on my blog. It ain’t much, but it’s mine and I’m at home there. I’m pleased to see that you’ve dropped by already. I’m glad about that. You’ll be welcome anytime.

  4. Hi! So nice to hear from you!! I finally published my book, changed the name to Is Harvey Dunne? (Indie published – got over my vanity of having to be traditionally published). Have gotten good reviews, but hard to get people interested. Still working on it. I’d love to send you a book if you’ll give me your address (the least I could do for your support via AuthorNation). How have you been doing? How is the writing?

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