Spontaneous Crying

Just a few thoughts that hit my brain this morning:

Have you ever felt so fragile that the slightest thing turns the waterworks on?  You’re filled with joy one minute and crying the next?

I was opening gifts with my husband last night (yes, he and I usually save ours and open them in peace and quiet, instead of the crazy house we call our home on Christmas morning – it drives the kids CRAZY), when I unwrapped one of his gifts to me.  It was the dress that I thought I’d returned because I just didn’t think it was flattering enough when I tried it on (for some reason, dresses look great on the size 4 mannequins, but when I try my size (  ) on……UGGGGH!!).  He had been given the job of taking the return package to the post office for me, but had wrapped it for me instead.  He said I looked beautiful in it (bless him) and wanted me to put it on (at midnight in the family room, no less).   My twenty-year-old son then comes into the room, seeing me wearing a dress when I’d just been wearing jeans, and said, “What the……?  You look like an 80-year-old woman ready to go to church!”

And what can you say to that?   Nothing.  So crying was the next best thing.  Add my son’s comments to the fact that my husband bought me a larger size of sweaters (which I noticed, and obviously he had noticed, and I was happy he noticed, but not happy I needed the larger size).  Then you have a waterfall!

One good thing about it – I made my son feel VERY, VERY GUILTY (and it’s always nice to make a young adult who’s fairly spoiled feel a little guilty for a change – makes them appreciate you more! – so that was fun).

Another thing I do need to add to my list of what should make me cry (but didn’t, I’m happy to say) – a sweet thing.  My seven-year-old son dictated a letter to Santa on Christmas Eve, which I, as mother, dutifully wrote down for him.  However, later I saw his letter sitting on the hearth, but it had a staple in the corner, and the word “turn” with an arrow, pointing to the back.  The addendum was entitled “What I Really Want for Christmas” .  Included on it was the Gorilla he wanted to help  because they are being killed in the wild (of course, being in a cage would not be the best help we could give it, but he didn’t quite get that).  But then his major request was for a picture of the girl at school he likes.  He also asked Santa to please come up with a few questions to subtly ask her if she liked him as well, with “yes” or “no” answers to circle.

So I guess love won out over toys, and video games, and all the other junk we get.  Yes, this is enough to turn the tears on again. 

Just remember – Spontaneous Crying is really, really good, cheap therapy.  (And you don’t have to get the insurance company involved).

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