The Ghost Strikes Again…

We have a ghost in my house.  Well, not a real ghost, but the fictitious one who is always losing things, or breaking things, or just generally creating a hassle for someone else to deal with.  You know, the things that happen that “nobody did”. 

Well, I must admit, the ghost stuck again (this time I’m going to blame something on him, dang it!).  I ordered a cool techie toy for Christmas on December 7, and got a great deal – it was on sale, and it came with a $50 rebate.  Cool, I said to myself (probably prematurely).  I printed the rebate  and put it in a safe place – on my weekly mail stack, where else?  Anyway, I saved the damn thing for three weeks until I’d opened my techie toy box, and activated my techie toy, and was ready to mail it in, except ….

Yep, you guessed it, the ghost had misplaced the form. 

Don’t know about you, but this aggravates the hell out of me.  I always love having to search through the entire house, looking for something you can see in your mind’s eye.  It’s just that your real eyes can’t see it anywhere (and unfortunately when you’re looking for a rebate form, that’s what counts). I went through every piece of paper I owned, and the  multitude of stacks in which they reside.  No rebate form.

And my recycle sack (in which I stick my weekly mail-trash) was crammed inside a thousand other pieces of paper, and Christmas wrapping, and a jillion flattened boxes strapped together with duck tape.  It was a mountain of recycled trees!

Of course, I went through every piece, only to discover that my mail recycle sack was not stuffed somewhere inside.  I surmised that it must have gotten mixed up with the regular trash, and been hauled away on Monday.  AAAAAGGGHHHH!

I again searched the house and file cabinets, and re-searched, until I just couldn’t take it any longer.  Then emailed Amazon for a copy of the rebate form.

Ping!!  It was waiting for me in my email this morning.  (And believe me – I’ve saved it several different places).  I guess I just could have waited on the reply from Amazon before knocking my brain out trying to find it, but ….

Apparently I have a compulsive side as well.

Hopefully this misadventure is not a sign of the middle age thing!

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