10-Year-Old Spontaneous Crying…

Being compulsive about my blog as I am, I check the blog stats regularly to see who/what sites have been accessing my blog.  I came across an apparent accidental access by someone who was trying to search the web for “10-year-old spontaneous crying”.  If that person visits my site again, I would just like to comment on this issue. 

Our Family

I have five kids, three of which are girls.  One of my girls just turned 11, and I would just like to reassure you – she had bouts of spontaneous crying as well.  I think most of it is just the hormonal blitz that girls this age experience.  If this is the only “symptom”, it’s probably just a phase she’s going through.

However, I also have a girl who suffers from a mental disorder, and her symptoms began to surface when she was ten.  She had trouble getting along with others, especially authority figures (such as in school).  She was extremely rebellious when she felt she was being treated unfairly.  In addition, she was such a good fabricator that you would swear she thought she was telling the truth. (We came to find out this was one of the hallmarks of her disorder – manufacturing facts to fit her feelings. So she did, in fact, think she was telling the truth).   But we have gotten through the worst of it, and her life has gotten progressively better.  I think we have “overcome.”

There Is Hope

I’m not a medical professional – I can only tell you what I’ve experienced as a parent.  If your child’s spontaneous crying is the only issue, it will probably pass.  But if there are other issues he/she is suffering through, you might want to get her evaluated by a mental health professional.  My husband and I came to decide that early intervention was so much better than waiting around for things to change on their own.  So if my 11-year-old ever begins to show the same signs as her sister, we will be proactive and try to get treatment earlier than we did the first time around. 

But remember – things can, and do, get better.  There is hope.  You will get through it, and maybe become even stronger people, and a closer family, than when you started out.

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