If You Saw My Ad in PublishersMarketplace, Thanks for Coming!

If you’re here because of my PublishersMarketplace ad for a volunteer, thank you for coming.  Please click on the page tabs to read about me and about my novel, The Cuckoo’s Cry.  The volunteer opportunity is described below.

Agented Literary Novelists

I could really, really use your help.  My subject matter is apparently not quite right for many agents’ lists (I think up to 91 rejections and counting.  I know – a lot – but I’m not ready to throw my computer through the window just yet.  Aren’t writers supposed to be made of steel?).  However, I’ve gotten great feedback (and no, not just from my friends and family, but from total strangers as well).  It’s a really good book. 

If you remember what it was like before you were agented, or before you were published, I need your empathy, and your help.  (If you didn’t even have to jump through all the hoops to get published, then I could really use your help!)

I invite you to read my manuscript, and if you like it, please recommend me to your agent.  But only if you like it.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, nor will your agent.  Just need some help getting past the secretary’s desk.  Then you can take pleasure in the fact that you’ve just read a great book, and satisfaction in helping a mom/grandma get published after writing for the past 18 years while raising her family.

Literary Agents and Publishers

I can help change the world, but just need to “get past your receptionist’s desk.”  I ask that you just give my manuscript a chance.  I think you’ll be quite pleased!  And who knows – this could be the book that changes the world in 2009!

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