More Evidence That Smoking is Harmful to Your Health…

We all know what the doctors say.  But now listen to our soldiers-in-training.  My son-in-law at ARMY boot camp has been put under a new “smoking” policy.  According to the drill sergeant, whoever receives more than five letters in one day gets SMOKED.  My boy has explained what he means by his “smoking” sessions:

Unlucky as it is for him, it DOES NOT involve TOBACCO products.  What it does involve is between 200-400 Overhead Arm Claps (jumping jacks to us non-military types).  

Start in jumping jack positionStick Figure 1




Then clap your hands over your head

 Stick Figure 2

 400 Times!!!    Ouch!!

Then back to starting position.

And that’s just the beginning – then they do Flutter Kicks.  (Apparently Flutter Kicks suck, but I’ve been told you feel really good about yourself afterwards – GO FIGURE!)

You lie down flat on your back like this

Stick Figure 3

Then you have to raise your feet off the ground six inches and hold the position, with legs completely straight, like this

 Stick Figure 4

THEN you start kicking your legs up and down (fluttering like a beautiful butterfly), counting 1,2,3;  ONE, 2, 3;  1, TWO, 3;  etc., all the way up to 100 –  OUCH Again!!  

Stick Figure 5

Then after those, they do more push-ups, and jumping jacks  –  00ps  –  I mean   OVERHEAD ARM CLAPS.

And it wore him out just writing about it;  and I gotta tell ya – it wore me out just blogging about it.

That’s ARMY STRONG!!       Navy – What’s your smoking policy???




 PS – I think I’d better cut back on the letters.


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