A Funny Thing Happened on Our Trip to the Sticks – Adventures of Two Tidybowl-Deprived Kids…

Toilet Cleaner-3The Trip…

On Sunday, my two kids and I went to visit my friend at her new home in the country – a/k/a Texas outback.  She has acres of empty quiet wilderness, with deer venturing into her backyard on numerous occasions, and lots and lots of twinkly stars in the sky at night.  I thought it would be nice to let the kids participate in a little bit of nature.  Maybe the hummingbirds would come up to her feeder on the porch while we were there.  Maybe they would find something else to amaze them….

And They Did…

Unfortunately for me, the most amazing thing they found that day was the blue water in the toilet bowl. 

“Mom, look, the blue water stays there – in ours, after you flush it, the blue is gone.  How do they do that!?!?” they asked in amazement.  And I was amazed and stunned as well….that in the middle of nature, my kids would be especially interested in the blue toilet water.

Then secondly, they were impressed with the dish scrubber that held dishwashing soap in the handle.  “How cool is that!” they exclaimed in amazement.  “Wow – why don’t we have one of those!”

Score zero out of two for me. I was scratching my head, trying to figure out what “cosmopolitan” cave they were raised in!  How ironic that they would discover blue toilet water and soap-holding dish scrubbers out in the country!  My city house doesn’t even have those things!

But at least the third thing they especially liked was the see-saw – a very sturdy homemade heavy wooden one.  They loved it. (That sits a little better with me than blue toilet water).

But other than my kids’ unusual take on their trip to nature, they had a great time   Thanks K.W. for a great visit!  Your country home is really beautiful!

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