Ft. Worth Gay Bar Bashing – How Fun is That?….

Rainbow LoungeI was trying not to make judgments until the investigation into the raid on the Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Worth was completed, and now enough of it has been to say:  Homophobia and LGBT discrimination is still alive and well in Texas.  Did we really ever doubt it?  No, I don’t think so.

This article has some partial results from the investigation (thanks Andrew Sullivan for your post) – looks like the TABC and Ft. Worth police messed up big time.  When will we all realize and accept the fact that people are different, but they’re just people.  Shouldn’t we all embrace each other’s differences instead of lash out against them? 

I’m embarrassed that our State and sister city have apparently reenacted the events leading to the Stonewall Riots in 1969.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, and travel by leaps and bounds forward, not backward.

When will we learn?

(Picture from news article in Fort Worth Star Telegram Aug 6 2009)

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