Let’s Be Thankful That We Have Our Children…

Two recent horrible incidents again remind me to be thankful that my kids and grandkids are safe and healthy and still here and able to bug us to pieces.

 On Tuesday, a two-year-old boy drowned not too far from our house in a neighbor’s swimming pool.  He’d been having fun, and laughing, and showing his family how well he could swim. And then I guess he’d decided to try it by himself in a neighbor’s pool when no one was looking, and he drowned.  One minute he was there playing and laughing, and then he was gone. Just like that.

 Several weeks ago, a local three-year-old girl almost choked to death on a grape. She had turned blue, and the heimlich maneuver wouldn’t work.  Then the firefighters tried a special suction tool that extracted the grape and cleared her airway.  Althought eight long minutes without oxygen had passed, the girl is miraculously doing fine.

So let’s just remind ourselves each and every day that we are so lucky to have our children with us, even if we’re pulling our hair out because they’re fighting over who will get to watch what TV show, or crying because you made them mad, or pestering you to play a game with them or to let them cook, or to help you do your exercises.  If you’re frustrated with them, just cry your tears and have your meltdown, and then be so glad that those kids are there to get you through each and every day.

Be safe!

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