October 15, 2009
K. L. Romo

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Boys Today…

Happy Boy w Smiley

The epitome of a happy boy:

Back when I was a kid, and even when my oldest kids were kids, going to spend the night with someone meant you were supposed to pack your overnight bag with pajamas, your toothbrush, clothes for tomorrow.  And yes, EVEN CLEAN UNDIES.  However, things have changed…

My eight-year-old son was going to spend the night with his sister. He said he had brought everything with him.  But when he emerged from the car, he seemed to have nothing.  I asked, “Where’s your backpack with all your stuff?”

And he answered as he patted his pants pockets, matter-of-factly, as if I had just asked the dumbest question in the world,

“I have my toothbrush and my electronics! What else do I need?”

And that, dear readers, says it all.

One thought on “Boys Today…

  1. Definitely a boy! Most girls would have packed enough for several days. 🙂


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