October 31, Halloween, 1993…

Hand of horror raising from glowing pupmkin lantern.I remember Halloween of 1993 very well –

It was a Saturday, and Saturday Halloween’s are hard to come by.  Halloween 1993 was the day several of my music boxes, high up on a bedroom shelf, all started playing by themselves in the middle of the night. Halloween 1993 was the morning my husband woke up from a horrible dream in which he was being violently attacked, and yelled  his self-defense shriek at full volume   – and then the remaining four members of the household woke up screaming with him.

So far, it was the perfect scary Halloween.

Because it was on a Saturday, we’d told the kids they could have a Halloween party, so we invited about 20 other kids, who I think mostly all showed up.  It was the year I’d made my kids’ Halloween costumes. It had taken hours and hours of hard work – my 10-year-old was a fifties girl with a poodle skirt, my 6-year-old was a Coke can, and my 4-year-old was a 7-Up can.  (The soda cans stayed on their bodies for about 5 minutes).  My mother and sister dressed as bugs and came to assist with the face-painting and games.


Halloween 1993

All in all, I think it had been a successful party. But I remember the one thing I was very scared of that night – after the party, I was so worried that somehow the wrong kid would be allowed to leave with the wrong adult, and then a parent would arrive to collect their child and he wouldn’t be there.  (I think this paranoia came from inviting many kids that I didn’t already know). What a strange thing to remember about a fun party!

That was our day on October 31, 1993. 

Other things that happened on October 31, 1993 were:

  • The wonderful child actor River Phoenix died from a drug overdose early that morning.  (If you’ve never seen him in the movie Stand By Me, based on the novel The Body by Stephen King, it’s worth the watch).
  • The New York Times bestseller list included books such as The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, The Pelican Brief by John Grisham, and The General’s Daughter by Nelson DeMille.
  • 25 people were killed during a Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer game

What can you say about October 31, 1993?  (Can you remember back that far?)

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