Live Blog Chat With Interesting Author Dec 23!!!

Well, yes. You would be correct if you guessed that the interesting author will be me.

 And I know some of you get to chat with me a lot in person.  HOWEVER, this is a special blog chat, promoted by the bookstore, and its dedicated owner Josie Kramer.

So if you have questions about Is Harvey Dunne? but were just too afraid to ask, you can now question me with anonymity through the live chat. Cool, huh?

If you’ve always wanted to know where the character of Harvey came from, or why I wrote about this issue, all you have to do is join in the chat!  See, easy!

So just click here, and you will be magically transported to for my live blog chat on  Wednesday, December 23, at 4:00 CST.      Hope to see you there!

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