I Wish I Had the Power…

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I was thinking just this morning that I wish I had the power to make an impact in the world in a very big way.

You know, through my writing, or in a social services job helping others.

And then it just dawned on me – a lightbulb lit up my brain: 

I do have the power, and I’ve always had it. 

Because each of us can affect those we live around, work around, or just interact with.  Believe it or not, a simple smile is a very powerful gesture.  It can lift people up, and let them know that we each can find happiness and joy in just simple things.  Kind words will pass a positive spirit to someone who might have needed a boost that day.

And a smile is quite contagious. 

You can let others know you care by these simple acts, and greatly impact your world, every day, in a positive way!!

(Believe me, I know it sounds sappy.  But it’s true and it works!  Try it.)

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