Are Your Goals Stuck on the Corner of Desperation and Despair?


I don’t know about you, but when I really, really want something, I tend to push, push, push to reach my goal.  But more likely than not, it seems the harder I try, the more elusive my goal becomes.

                                               How is that?

A wise friend recently told me – thanks K.W.!  (and we’ve had this conversation several times before, but maybe I wasn’t giving it my continued attention?) that sometimes when you push so hard, you overshoot your goal, and your stars won’t align in the pattern needed to bring success.


 But, I asked, what about the person who is rewarded for trying hard; for that never-say-die spirit that seems to propel them out of the normal human realm of accomplishment?  My question was simple: How do you know when you should be pushing and not giving up, or when you just need to pull back, take a few deep breaths, and wait for your universe to properly align?

 Well, the answer lies with the energy you broadcast during your struggle for success. If you’re push-push-pushing out of desperation, or despair, you’re going to broadcast this negative energy.  But if you attempt to achieve your goals and dreams with enthusiasm, joy, and a positive spirit, your positive energy will be felt as well. People can intuitively feel these things, and then react to them, maybe without even realizing it.

 It’s just like the couple who’s tried for years to get pregnant, but adopted because they never could. Then shortly after, they popped out three kids of their own.  Or the woman who tried desperately to find a husband as her internal clock was ticking down, but to no avail.  Then when she finally gave up, the man of her dreams just seemed to appear out of nowhere. We’ve all heard these stories, and wondered how they were possible; not understanding how they happened, but knowing that they did.

 It’s the same with being on a mission to reach your goals and dreams.  Approach the mission with confidence, happiness, and a positive spirit, and when you least expect it, the planets and stars in your universe will suddenly align, and you will reach your destination: Success!

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