The Sensitive Heart…

Sometimes little boys are rowdy, and sometimes they’re mean, and sometimes they’re stubborn.  But SOMETIMES…they are caring and sensitive and loving, and you just want to squeeze them until the sugar oozes out.

I have just the little boy – he can be all of the above, but he also has a passion for those creatures, both human and not, who are suffering.  (And he’s an artist – a right-brainer). 

This little boy saw the Humane Society’s advertisement on television the other day and it truly affected him  – the one that asks for a donation of $19 a month to become a member and help abused animals.  They also show pictures of these abused animals.  He watched that video, and then unfortunately did some searching on the internet, which yielded horrible pictures of animal cruelty.  He then wrote the letter below, and asked if I would please send his money in to the humane society (sent it to the local SPCA).  I convinced him to send only $19 of his entire savings of $35, but promised him that he could send more if he wanted.

His letter is as follows, word-for-word:

Dear animalcare can you please let me join your donation? Please please every time I watch your commercial I get so sad and happy at the same time and I am just an 8 year old kid.  The reason why I get so sad and happy at the same time is because I get so sad when I [see] those animals get hurt and I get so happy is because I just think that I can do this. I have 35 dollars and I really think I can do this.

He made sure I mailed his donation the next day.  Hopefully this passion and sensitivity and compassion will remain with him through his life. Our world definitely needs more of it.

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