Kid With a Cause: My 9-Year-Old Raises Money for Oil-Covered Birds…

 Fighting the Oil Spill – One Bottle At a Time…

My nine-year-old sons charity-driven spirit gets in gear again to make the world a better place.  Yes, I admit, he watches quite a bit of TV – probably too much. But this kids watches with an analytical eye.  He loves learning, and detail, and all things technical.  And he also has a special ear for altruism toward animals.  The Dawn dishwashing detergent commercial caught his eye.

Even nine-year-olds know about the BP oil spill, and how it’s crucifying our southern shores.  He watched intently as the commercial explained how Dawn was being used to clean the oil from water birds.  His ears also pricked up when the commentator said that Procter & Gamble   would donate a dollar to  the  International Bird Rescue Research Center and the Marine Mammal Center for every bottle of Dawn sold.  Cha-ching!!  My boy now knew what he would do to raise money for the cause – he would use his allowance/birthday/report-card money to buy bottles of Dawn.

I also suggested he take it one step further to raise even more money.  He could resell those bottles in our neighborhood, and then donate that money as well.

So at our garage sale yesterday, he made a sign for his fundraising, and he managed to sell all ten bottles of detergent.  So he doubled his donation.

Update: Unfortunately my boy and his mother (yes, that would be me), didn’t go to the Dawn website prior to selling those bottles of Dawn, and didn’t activate the donation by inputting the number from each bottle.  DANG IT!!  Well, at least he raised ten dollars. (But don’t tell him).

Thanks Dawn and P & G for helping fight the oily devastation that’s taken over our beaches, and thank you son, for caring enough and taking the initiative to once again try your best to help animals who can’t help themselves.

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