Rock and Roll Series – – The Christmas Rocks (From the mind of a nine-year-old)

Let us continue with the Pet Rock saga. 

My third-grader making a pet rock for a project at school.  My kids being shocked that I, or anyone, would actually pay money to buy a rock sitting in a clump of straw, back in the ‘70’s (but I did).

My nine-year-old author took that idea and ran with it.  He is writing a children’s book series, The Rock and Roll Series, about a group of pet rocks who are friends.  The kids in his class were really interested in this project, and he named some of his rocky characters after them.

Then he got another idea:  to actually make everyone a pet rock for Christmas, and name each after the kid whose identity it was supposed to represent.

He worked and worked and made 22 pet rocks, each with a different shape and look.  Hair was made from bows and leaves. One had the hair of an orange balloon, fully blown.  Another had a crayon.  And all had googly eyes. We carefully packed them in boxes, each wrapped in tissue, and he hauled them off to his school Christmas party.

His gifts were a hit, each classmate giddy over receiving what my child had perceived as the likeness of each in a rock persona. And after the party, the entire class lined up in the school hallway, and held up their rock-pets, posing for a picture for the school yearbook.  Their unique rock party.

“I had the best day I’ve ever had!” my son told me that night. “The best!”

And so is he.

Just wait…You’ll be seeing more of The Rock and Roll series. Just wait.

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