Book review by a Writers’ League of Texas member for a Writers’ League of Texas author.



By Elizabeth Crook

Published in 2014 by Sarah Crichton Books.


Reviewed by David Eric Tomlinson.

Elizabeth Crook’s Monday, Monday begins with a bang. It’s August 1, 1966, and when Shelly Maddox leaves a confusing lecture on imaginary numbers, angling across the University of Texas campus to buy some tampons, she walks into one of the first, deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. In a scene made all the more painful for its touches of the surreal (“It was a clownish gesture,” Crook writes of the first victim’s awkward flop to the ground, “and she wondered how to respond to it”), Shelley is critically wounded by Charles Whitman, forced to play dead in the agonizing Texas heat, until two students – the cousins Wyatt Calvert and Jack Stone – come ducking through the crossfire to her rescue.

Crook’s opening is wonderfully drawn – tight, gripping, imaginative, unsentimental –…

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