by Tracy Dahlby

Published in 2014 by University of Texas Press.

Into the FieldReviewed by Retha Lindsey Fielding.

Breaking out of his chenille-curtained cocoon in his parents’ basement, Tracy Dahlby made a decision to become a foreign correspondent.

A few words on the radio had an amazing effect on his future. He doesn’t remember the radio broadcaster’s name, but a few words from the 1967 documentary The Roots of Madness, captured the mood with: “There are 700 million Chinese today, one quarter of the human race, and they are taught to hate. Their growing power is the world’s greatest threat to peace and light.”

Dahlby gives credit to that “high jacking by radio” for the beginning of his dream of becoming a foreign correspondent. His adventure took him to Japan where he lived for 13 years, marrying a Japanese woman, and then to New York City to…

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