by Gwendolyn Womack 

Published in 2015 by Picador.


Reviewed by K.L. Romo

The Memory Painter

By Gwendolyn Womack

Have you ever looked into a person’s eyes, and felt a shock of familiarity that shouldn’t be there? Have you ever had dreams so realistic that you could swear you’d actually lived them?

In her book The Memory Painter, Gwendolyn Womack explores these odd recognitions and sense of Deja vu that we all experience from time to time.  But on steroids. In this extremely epic tale, Womack weaves the timeless souls of Bryan and Linz into a historical tapestry that spans ten thousand years.

Bryan is a free spirit, now a painter who has incredible talent in painting reality.  Linz is a genetic scientist, studying the brain and how memories are processed.  In one seemingly coincidental moment, the two meet, and immediately know they are somehow connected.  Later…

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