Creativity Is a Way of Life…

Byline Pic 01-02-10The following is an excerpt from a Writers’ Digest Article written by author Deb Caletti entitled Cultivating Creativity (Writers’ Digest July/August 2015 issue).  Item #3- Trust That It’s Worthwhile -really hit home with me, because this is exactly what I try to explain to others.  But sometimes, although they try, I don’t think they get it.

Some people must have their daily run, or go to the gym, or go to a kickboxing class to keep their sanity.  I keep mine by typing away.

“Sure, there’s your job, your partner, your kids, the dog. The roof needs cleaning, and the car is making a clunking noise. Creativity can come last on the list, because who has time? Still, people who are creative for life make their creativity a priority, because they understand its value. Artistic expression brings happiness, purpose, self-worth, and balance. It can aid problem solving and relieve stress.

Creative professionals understand that practicing their craft is not an indulgent, frivolous extra, but an essential piece of a rich, productive life….

Author Jennie Shortridge …reminds us that even the smallest creative moments are valuable, because they lead to more.  ‘One creative act begets another, then another: Each experience enhances the rest. I know dancers who blog, actors who paint, writers who knit or bake, or, like me, play in a band. The key to living a creative life is to trust your sense of things, to trust that your output – even a sketch or hastily scribbled poem on the back of an envelope – is worthwhile. Why? Because each keeps your imagination alive and leads you to the next creative expression, one you may not have come to in quite the same way without it.’”

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