2015 Out & Equal Workplace Summit…

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How would it feel to bring only part of yourself to work every day?

How would it feel to leave your personal life at the door when you walk into your office?

Or maybe you could just try not discussing the gay part of you?  But how would you maneuver the explosive minefield of possibly mentioning your same-sex partner or spouse? You decide its much safer and easier to just stay silent about your personal life altogether.

How horrible to leave the best part of yourself at home!

Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are, who they really are. Everyone deserves to feel secure enough to bring their entire selves to work every day.   Corporate policy is one thing, but attitudes are quite another.  Eliminating “closeted-employment” is what the Out & Equal Workplace Summit is all about.

I’m fortunate to be able to participate in the 2015 Out & Equal Workplace Summit this week.  EY is a major sponsor, so I will also be co-presenting a workshop discussing Allies & Friends.  The Summit will take place at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, and promises some very interesting workshops and panels. Many focus on not only LGBT employee equality and initiatives, but strengthening active allies & friends of the LGBT equality movement.  Respecting and empowering every individual, gay or straight. Bringing a better understanding of our differences by understanding our similarities.  Teaching us how to actually walk the talk.

Exciting and interesting?  More to follow.

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