Review of “Call Girls 4-Emily” by Emma Jaye…


The Call Girls is an erotic romance series which tells the stories of members of a high-end escort service in Brighton, England. Emily was about a British aristocrat, Emmeline Grinshaw-Flynn, who rebels against her life of nobility by engaging in sexual encounters, beginning at the age of fifteen, and she soon realizes she’s a nymphomaniac. Once grown, she decides the best way to satisfy her sexual cravings is to become an escort, even though she doesn’t need the money, with a family trust fund in the bank, and a successful info-tech business of her own.

Although Emily has a special place in her heart for her subservient father, her domineering mother who constantly schemes for position and title is a constant thorn in her side. At fifteen, under the guise of being the daughter of the housekeeper, Emily seduces Arty, an aristocratic friend of her brother’s, but is caught with him in her bed.  It’s a scandal that plagues not only her family but the boy’s family as well.

Years later, at her brother’s engagement party, she finds that the brother of the bride-to-be is none other than Arty, the boy she seduced years ago. But even worse, his father is one of her escort clients, who has an odd sexual fetish no less. Blackmail and ultimatums ensue, and Emily is forced to leave her escort career to save her family’s reputation. And she must sexually occupy Arty while his father finds him the perfect wife.

But Emily finds she is uncharacteristically attracted to this man, and can’t turn off her desire for him. She’s obsessed with his quick wit, casual demeanor, and the erotic pleasure he gives her. The dragon tattoo which wraps around his torso seems to be always in her mind. But Emily finds that she’s not the only one who’s kept secrets – what he’s been hiding could destroy his family’s noble standing forever.

Along the way, Emily also becomes involved with her friend Ryan, and his significant other Vincent, a business tycoon whose unrelenting demands force Ryan to reexamine their relationship. Sexual encounters between Ryan and Vincent, and then all three, confuse Emily’s sense of friendship. In the end, will she find out who truly loves her for who she really is?

Call Girls 4 – Emily is sensual and erotic, a novel replete with sexual encounters of varying types – women with men, men with men, and threesome’s, even some BDSM thrown in for good measure.

I’ve never read erotic romance before, but I enjoyed the book. The plot was fast-paced and included surprises along the way, and the story was very entertaining. I recommend it to those who aren’t afraid to be a little naughty.

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