Phobic Football

Lori’s second son is gender nonconforming. Her blog gives readers a glimpse of her family’s journey to understand and educate, and to love her son for who he is.

Raising My Rainbow

Yay sportsing! Yay football! Yay Super Bowl!

FullSizeRender(2)Chase likes football. He played flag football for three years and really enjoyed it; but he didn’t enjoy getting teased by his peers for it. Apparently flag football isn’t cool. You know what is cool? Spending $1,000+ a year and giving up all of your weekends to play Pop Warner and risk a traumatic injury.

I don’t want my kids – or anybody – to be tackled. I can’t think of many times in life when tackling is necessary.

Our family agreed that when Chase started middle school he could start Pop Warner. We signed him up, paid the dues and cleared our schedules. I sprung for the safest helmet money could buy. The first week was all conditioning and no contact. That was a good week.

Then came the first practice in pads with full contact and it went like this:


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