Survey of Teachers: LGBTQ Bullying on Campus

I’m very interested in the results of this survey. If you are, or have recently been, a teacher of kids through grade 12, please consider taking the survey. Acceptance is grown from the ground up.

Raising My Rainbow

I’ve put together a brief, 10-question survey that I’d like educators and administrators to answer.

The survey is 100 percent anonymous. I’m not interested in who you are; I’m interested in what grade you teach, the state you live in and what you know about protecting LGBTQ students.

The results will be woven into a longer piece I’m writing about addressing LGBTQ bullying in America’s schools.

If I publish results, it would happen on my blog; but, currently, my only goal is to include my findings in the aforementioned piece.

I really just want to get a feel for what teachers currently know so that I may be able to:

  1. Help them learn more;
  2. Help parents/primary caregivers of LGBTQ students better communicate with teachers should a problem arise; and
  3. Urge districts and school to do more to educate faculty and staff about LGBTQ bullying.

I ask credentialed educators and administrators…

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