Review of Missing Emily by Gerri LeClerc

Missing EmilyWhat would you do if you were walking your four-year-old daughter down the street, and an unknown person jumped from a car and snatched her from your grasp? What would you do if your five-year-old daughter was destined to die from Leukemia if you couldn’t find a bone marrow donor? And how far would you go to protect your child from sickness and harm? These are the questions that Gerri LeClerc explores in her novel Missing Emily.

Thea Connor is a promising law student ready to graduate, looking forward to a stable life with her four-year-old daughter, Emily. But a week before they were to move home to Cape Cod from Boston, Emily is kidnapped in broad daylight. The police investigation moves ahead full force, but has few leads, and Thea Connor is distraught at the realization that she is a prime suspect. Thea refuses to believe that Emily isn’t alive, but the thought of a horrible outcome makes her numb.

Thea felt as if she was crawling through heavy fog as she made her way to the kitchen. She couldn’t stop the thought, the picture in her mind of why a medical examiner needed dental records.

But memories of her recently deceased mother give her the strength to keep hoping Emily will one day be returned to her.

Thea smiled. Her mother had seen the word through a mystic veil that softened all the sharp edges. Everything had the potential for a happy ending.

Katherine Anderson is a wealthy divorcee living in an upscale Boston neighborhood.  But she’d trade all of her wealth if she could only make her five-year-old daughter, Madison, well.  If a suitable bone marrow donor isn’t found soon, Leukemia will take her daughter. After considering every option, Katherine is willing to sell her soul, and take the only action she has left to save Madison.

Missing Emily is a suspense-filled story of two very different mothers, and the lengths they’d go to take care of their daughters.  One finds strength and hope in surviving the struggle; the other finds despair, with insanity lurking around the corner.

Gerri LeClerc has spun a very believable tale with characters that will pull your emotional strings, and will leave the reader considering what if this happened to me? I highly recommend Missing Emily for a thought-provoking and entertaining read.

How far would you go to save your child?

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