Review of Lemongrass Hope by Amy Impellizzeri

lemongrass-hopeKate Sutton’s life is not how she always dreamed it would be.  Yes, she has a husband and children – the picture-perfect family.  At least on the outside.  She works so hard to make it seem that way.  But on the inside, Kate isn’t sure she belongs in the life she’s led for the past ten years.

What if she’s suddenly given the chance for a do-over? Would she take it?

Ten years ago, Kate met two men – the adventurous travel journalist who was so easy to talk to, and the ambitious young attorney who always wanted more. When her passionate fling with one ended, the other stepped in to fill the emptiness. But had she made the right choice?

Now, ten years and two kids later, Kate’s marriage has become rocky; they’re like two strangers sharing the same life but living on different shores. Kate’s tried desperately to create the illusion of being the perfect wife, the perfect mom.  But she knows this is just a veneer for others. Her life is anything but perfect. And now her well-maintained façade is slowly cracking, the forceful elements in her world colliding with the beautiful picture of perfection she’s spent years painting.

As Kate tries to decide if her marriage is still even worth the effort, her former love reappears, and rekindles the passion she’d buried so many years ago. Then a mystical happening gives Kate the chance to re-live her life, and change the choices that had catapulted her into disappointment and confusion.  Now she must decide what is most important to her. Which losses can she deal with, and which can she not bear?

In Lemongrass Hope, Amy Impellizzeri gives readers a glimpse of the regret we sometimes feel from the choices we’ve made, and what it would be like to get another chance. We’ve probably all experienced the question what if? But given the opportunity, would we really do things differently? And what would we give up if we did?

Impellizzeri makes us understand that whatever life gives us, happiness is a choice.

Because sometimes you really do have to choose.  Clearly. Definitively.

And after the choice is made, we have to make it count.

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