Books on the Subway – NYC

Books on the Subway
Books on the Subway

What better way to have a mobile library than to stock the New York City subway with books?  Books on the Subway is a group that takes new books, usually sent directly from authors or their publishers, and adds them to the subway’s lending library.  People are free to borrow the books, read them, and then return them to the library.  This is an awesomely cool way to: 1) encourage reading, 2) make the subway more fun, and 3) gain exposure for authors and their books.

Fifteen copies of Life Before were recently added to the NYC subway lending library during their post-Thanksgiving book drop by the Book Fairies. It was even included in one pic entitled Subway Sign Nostalgia.


OK NYC – I hope you will read those copies until they’re dog-eared!

Connect with Books on the Subway at their website here, on Facebook here, and on Twitter at @booksonsubway #booksonthesubway.

Happy Reading!

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