The Successful Failure – My Oxymoronic Publishing Journey – Part 10

2017-21-07-09-04-48As my last major effort at marketing Is Harvey Dunne?, I decided to make a trailer for YouTube. Back in December 2009, videos were becoming much more popular.  And even though a video trailer for a book probably wouldn’t be as exciting or easy to make as one for a movie (you’ve already got the images from a movie, after all). I would now learn to be a movie maker (or at least a video maker).

Back in 2009, video-making software wasn’t as easy to find or easy to use as it is now. But I was able to find and use a couple of programs, and slowly pieced my video together. I ended up with a trailer that was rudimentary, but not too bad (I think) for someone who had never made a video before. (Click here to see the video).

Here is what I learned:

1.     Even though you can teach yourself how to use software to get the job done, it might be smart to hire a professional to make it shine.

2.     Just like drafts of writing, let other people look at the video and make suggestions before going live.

3.     If at all possible, do make a video trailer. Videos are a popular form of advertising these days, especially for the younger crowd.

4.     DO. NOT. QUIT.

More to come…

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