Dealing with failure, what’s next?

Great post about dealing with failure.



It always sounds easier than done when someone tells you to learn from your failures. Sure, the concept sounds great, but do they really understand the feeling of defeat, the rejection you felt? Answer is most likely less, but in different ways, since we’ve all failed to some degree. But still, can’t beat the blues? Here are some ways that’ll hopefully keep your head up.

  1. Acknowledgement, to let it go.
    There’s a saying that the more you immerse yourself in a feeling, the easier it’ll be to let it go later. Don’t do that half-half thing where you kinda admit it but you don’t actually come to peace with it. Do it properly, feel all the pain you feel, think it through 600 times over if you must. Eventually, we’ll reach a stage where we get bored of thinking the same thing, and we’ve become so immersed in the pain…

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