Florence’s Comfort House – Austin Texas: Please Help the “Mother Teresa of Austin” Help Kids

21430211_1601081079949440_1028556109540722110_nHelp the “Mother Teresa of Austin” Texas raise money to help kids.  My sister has known Florence for many years, and she’s an amazing woman.

Pull up directions to 515 Kemp Street in Austin’s Montopolis neighborhood, and you will find yourself guided to love, security, healthy food, education, art, and Florence Ponziano. These are what make-up Florence’s Comfort House, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping kids safe, healthy, educated, and loved.

At Florence’s Comfort House, Florence Ponziano has made her home into a safe haven for hundreds of kids in her low-income Austin neighborhood. For twenty-five years, she has given local kids a place to thrive – they learn how to be good citizens, experiment with art, get help with homework, eat healthy snacks,  and stay out of harm’s way.

Welcoming kids into her home every day, Florence provides them with a “safe space,” and makes sure they have backpacks and school supplies, healthy food, a safe and beautiful play area for after school, help with homework, a lending library,  toys, and gifts for holidays. She even takes them on educational field trips and gets them excited about involvement in community activities.

But to ensure she can provide the most for her kids,  Florence needs continued help from people who care – like you!  Please donate to Florence and the kids who need her.

Additional Facts and Info:

Read the recent article in the Austin Chronicle about Florence and Comfort House.

As a highly valued participant in the Austin Community, Florence’s Comfort House has received recognition and many awards.  These include:

“Against All Odds” Award (Washington, D.C.)
VFW Volunteer Award
Fox “Outstanding Community Service” Award
American Red Cross “Texas Heroes Finalist”
Eckerd’s Top 100 Women Finalist
Texas House of Representatives Resolution Award
Austin “Community Volunteer Award”
“Keep Austin Beautiful” Award
KVUE “Five Who Care” Award
“Service to Mankind” Award
JC Penney “Golden Rule” Award
National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise “Achievement Against the Odds” Award

Click Here to listen to an interview with Florence.




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