Double-Spaces or Not? That Is the Question

Typewriter 3
Typewriter keys with paper in roller

OK. I admit it. I’m old-school. I learned to include two spaces after each period. Then after following this golden rule for thirty years (I know, this really dates me), I found out that the current trend is to include only one space after periods.

Do you realize how hard it is to retrain your typing fingers after thirty years?

It’s hard.

I succeed only about fifty percent of the time, but I try to catch my blunders and correct. (As an example, please note that I successfully included only one space after the periods in this post. Yay for me!)

But does it really matter? Is one way better than the other?

Today, I read an interesting and humorous article in The Washington Post by journalist Avi Selk.  Selk discusses the ongoing debate through the years and pointed to a recent analysis of this issue. Researchers conducted a study to prove whether there is evidence to support either of the methods. The results are interesting. But even if you elect your preferred technique, watch out for auto-correct and web-code. They just might make the decision for you.

So, tell me, do you include a double-space or single-space after periods?  

2 Thoughts

  1. I’m hopeless. After over 40 years I am totally incapable of hitting the space bar only once after a period.


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