This is how it starts

Beth Caplan does a great job of expressing exactly what I feel about the danger of citizen compliance and justification in dehumanizing others.

Sarahbeth Caplin


I was talking to my brother on the phone the other day: “You know, lately I’ve been thinking about the anxiety Mom had when we were growing up, about Nazis coming to America. And we all thought she was crazy.”

“She wasn’t crazy,” he said. “That’s just a story we like to tell.”

“Okay,” I responded. “I thought she was crazy.”

That was her anxiety talking, I realize now – something that runs in my family. Both my maternal and paternal ancestors fled to America from Poland and Russia during the pogrom era, before the Holocaust started. But that doesn’t make the anxiety any less real. Holocaust Panic is just a side effect of being Jewish, in this day and age.

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