That’s What SHE Said: Lit Women Who Rock – Not Your Mama’s Superhero

Picture of airplane flying with orange sunset in background and cover of novel SKYJACK in foreground

Meet SKYJACK’s Thea Paris

We all love Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. But haven’t you ever wished for a more human superhero? One without a cape or magical weaponry? Meet Thea Paris.

She is an anomaly, one of only a few international hostage negotiators — a freedom broker — and, rarer still, a woman.

And a person with a dysfunctional family and diabetes. Her vulnerabilities are aspects of her life to which we can relate.

In K.J. Howe’s latest novel, Skyjack, Paris and her company, Quantum International Security, are thrust into a commercial-jet hijacking. This time, it’s personal — Thea escorts two young brothers she’s come to know and love, former child-soldiers from an orphanage in Africa to their new adopted home in England. Now, they’re hostages.

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