Review of THE GIRLS WITH NO NAMES by Serena Burdick

For 13 years, sisters Luella and Effie Tildon have never left each other’s side. When the unthinkable separates them, can they each survive without the other, and can their mother Jeanne overcome the grief of losing them?

In The Girls With No Names (Park Row), author Serena Burdick weaves a dark historical tale of teen girls from different walks of life who must overcome devastating circumstances in their battle to survive.

Luella and Effie lead a charmed life. Daughters of a wealthy New York businessman, they have everything they could ever want. Except freedom. Headstrong Luella feels suffocated — at 16, she yearns to experience more independence and a less structured life. When she and Effie hear beautiful singing and music while walking through the forest, Luella is entranced by the carefree gypsies living at a nearby encampment, and is drawn to their way of life.

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