Legal Thriller FINAL JUDGMENT by Marcia Clark (Yes, THAT Marcia Clark)

Vigilante Justice – Plan B

Los Angeles defense attorney Samantha “Sam” Brinkman is an antihero extraordinaire. We love her, but she’s done some terrible things, and she’s not apologetic in the least. In FINAL JUDGMENT, bestselling author Marcia Clark sets Sam up in a case too close to home: she investigates and defends the love of her life, Niko Ferrell. Is he innocent of the murders that result from an investment deal gone bad? And if he’s guilty, does she care?

“Morally ambiguous” Sam isn’t your average defense attorney. She will do whatever it takes to get her clients off the hook, and she has little respect for the legal system—it didn’t stop the abuse she suffered from her pedophile billionaire stepfather who “murdered her childhood,” so why would she trust it? Sam relies on herself to mete out justice, “suffering zero pangs of guilt for disposing of trash.”

Read the rest of my review in The Big Thrill magazine.

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