Review of SISTER DEAR by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Envy and obsession explode in author Hannah Mary McKinnon’s newest thriller, SISTER DEAR.

Eleanor Hardwicke is a loner, and she deserves it. Her mother has reminded her since childhood that she’s unworthy of love and attention, that she’s never been good enough. Especially not as good as her sister, Amy. But when the only person close to her, her father, dies of cancer, the loneliness is devastating. Her mother has never liked her, and Amy is her polar opposite. Eleanor has no one.

Her dad’s death is devastating: “Life After Dad. It was bleak down there. Empty and cold. Lonely. A place filled with despair, anger and hate.”

But the thing Eleanor can’t get out of her head is what she learned right before her dad passed away—he wasn’t her biological father. His gift to her is a name.

Eleanor uses her techno-wizard skills to investigate the man her mother had an affair with 35 years ago—Stan Gallinger, a real estate mogul and self-made millionaire. And she learns she has a half-sister, Victoria, who is everything Eleanor isn’t—confident, wealthy, enchanting, and fascinating. With her father dead, and her mother and Amy estranged, Eleanor desperately wants to find out more about the family denied to her.

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