Review of Novel – THE PRESIDENT’S DOSSIER by James A. Scott

Putin, Power and U.S. Plutocracy in “The President’s Dossier”

The green of cash replaces American red, white and blue in The President’s Dossier (Oceanview Publishing). Author James A. Scott takes readers into a clandestine operation to prove allegations that the newly elected President of the United States has committed many wrongdoings and crimes, including collusion with the Russians. Eerily similar to the news cycle of the last three years, this political thriller will have readers asking what if?

Operative Max Geller has just been fired from the CIA — his derogatory emails about President Ted Walldrum leaked to the press. But soon after, a lawyer named Bowen wants to hire him. The assignment? Secure firsthand evidence to prove Walldrum’s illicit activities chronicled in The Ironside Dossier. But he must go to Russia to do it. 

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