PSA: Austin’s “Mother Teresa of Montopolis” Needs Your Help

Florence Ponziano

There’s Florence, Italy, Florence, South Carolina, and closer to home and heart is the iconic Austin social advocate Florence Ponziano—the “Mother Teresa of Montopolis.”

If you visit 515 Kemp Street, you’ll find Florence’s Comfort House in Austin, Texas’ Montopolis community — a home providing healthy food, art, education, security, and most importantly, love to at-risk youth in the neighborhood. As Michael King of The Austin Chronicle said in his 2017 article, “Florence’s Comfort House stands out as a ‘Do-It-Herself’ miracle.”

But her home is no longer comfortable – it’s falling apart – and she and her kids need your help.

Read about Florence at Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

Yard Art at Comfort House
Yard Art at Comfort House

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