Margaret Truman’s Murder on the Metro by Jon Land

Counterterrorism, Conspiracies, and the Capitol

With the horrendous event that transpired at the Capitol on January 6, this thriller about terrorist attacks in Washington, DC, and across America is even more apt to make us consider, “What if?”

Security-expert-turned-PI Robert Brixton returns in Margaret Truman’s MURDER ON THE METRO by bestselling author Jon Land, book 31 in the Capital Crimes series.

Fifty-six-year-old Brixton is now a private investigator, retired from his former high-security position at SITQUAL, a special intelligence division of the State Department. But upon identifying a terrorist while riding the Metro, he reenters the world of government secrets, special agents, and the quest for power. And terrorism is personal to Brixton—five years before, a suicide bomber killed his teen daughter right in front of him.

Kendra Rendine is a Secret Service agent in charge of Vice President Stephanie Davenport’s security detail. When the VP dies of a heart attack, Rendine’s intuition tells her something is awry. When she sees the news report showing Brixton saving dozens of people from a terrorist bomb on the Metro, she decides he might be able to help her.

Read the rest of my review and interview with Jon Land at The Big Thrill.

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