HER PERFECT LIFE: A Novel by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Even a Perfect Life Has Secrets

Book Cover: Picture of a Woman’s Face

On Twitter, she’s dubbed #PerfectLily. That’s because Boston’s Channel 6 News investigative reporter Lily Atwood must be perfect when she’s on the air. Or at least, appear perfect.

In bestselling author and Emmy Award-winning journalist Hank Phillippi Ryan’s newest thriller, HER PERFECT LIFE, readers discover that even those of us whose lives appear flawless might have devastating secrets to hide.

Lily Atwood knows her life isn’t as perfect as she must appear on television. When she was seven years old, her sister Cassie—a freshman in college—vanished. And Lily has been searching for her ever since.

But Lily’s fans don’t know that. They adore her idyllic façade. The famous Lily smile is part of “The Lily package. The single-mom, career-woman, gorgeous, smart, having-it-all perfect package. Perfection is in the perception.”

Now, Lily has her own daughter, seven-year-old Rowen, who’s the center of her world. Lily never married Rowe’s father—he already had a wife, after all. Lily is determined to protect Rowe from anything that might mar the idyllic life they have together.

Lily’s news producer, Greer Whitfield, knows that perfect Lily wouldn’t be so perfect if she didn’t have Greer to organize her every move. And yes, she has resentment that Lily never asks about her personal life—which is nonexistent, with no family, not even a cat. Everything she does is for Lily.

When one of Lily’s informants feeds Greer information about Lily’s personal life, Greer can’t help but pursue it. Lily has a sister? And who is Rowen’s father?

The idea that Cassie might still be alive takes center stage, and Lily wonders if finding Cassie would be a dream come true—or a disaster. As Greer knows, “grown-up Lily could not afford ‘something bad’ in her life.”

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