How Far Would You Go to Fit In?

Cover of THE MOTHER NEXT DOOR – Partial pics of two women

In award-winning author Tara Laskowski’s newest thriller, THE MOTHER NEXT DOOR, a new resident on posh Ivy Woods Drive is dying to join the neighborhood’s elite social group. But how far is she willing to go to get what she wants?

Theresa Pressley has long coveted living in this suburban Ivy Woods neighborhood. Now she’s finally there. Her husband, Adam Wallace, was hired as the new high school principal, where their daughter Lily will attend. Theresa can’t wait to get to know her neighbors, especially a group of moms known as the Ivy Woods Five.

Kendra McCaul is the head socialite on Ivy Woods Drive, in charge of anything and everything, especially Ivy Woods’s annual killer Halloween block party. The Ivy Five—Kendra, Alice, Bettina, and Pia—now only number four. Their fifth member, Jackie, mysteriously left town months ago. There’s a reason some people call them “The Ivy Hive.” They’re the busy bees that keep the neighborhood running (and also tend to sting when someone gets too close).

Theresa will make sure she’s the new number five.

She wants to be the popular girl, just once. “When you think about something so much, you want it even more. And you’ll do even more to get it.” Now it’s time for Theresa to be on the inside.

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