BLINGER by Angie Cella

A Bedazzling Faith-Based Entrepreneurial Business Guide

Cover of Book – A woman holding a backpack looking down a road

Businesswoman Angie Cella’s divinely-motivated idea compelled her to start her own business. Her glittering success culminated in her winning the Women in Toys’ 2020 Inventor of the Year Wonder Woman Award. The book, Blinger: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey (Rosetta Books), chronicles Cella’s venture to create a product and bring her invention to life. Detailing her inspiration and device creation, and revealing the business knowledge she’s gained, Cella shares her entrepreneurial journey step by step .

A single mom of four and a successful Arbonne business executive, Cella wasn’t looking to invent a product. But when an idea came to her in a dream, and was later reinforced by “divine nudges,” she realized God wanted her to fulfill a purpose. Full of uncertainty and a lack of experience with product manufacturing, she forged ahead to create the product revealed in her dream — Blinger, a device to bejewel hair with gems. This was her new mission and spiritual pursuit. 


Cella struggled for four years to make her (literal) dreams come true, completing one small goal at a time to avoid being overwhelmed by all the logical reasons she couldn’t do it. She was certain her failures — including a failed audition for Shark Tank — would contribute to her victory in the long run. “Failures were a big part of my success. If you’re not falling short, hitting roadblocks or mountains, even, then you’re most likely not progressing,” she says. 

During her entrepreneurial undertaking, Cella juggled the thousands of details involved in starting a company and creating and marketing a product. She also realized that a myriad of things can get in your way while you strive to achieve your dream. One of Cella’s biggest struggles was addressing custody issues for her children. She learned that sometimes she had to take a break to focus on other life priorities but then get back on track to meet her goals. 


How did this businesswoman-turned-entrepreneur grow her company so that major stores carried Blinger, selling $22 million wholesale and $50 million retail? 

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